All Over Again

A couple days ago, a 19-year-old college student asked me this: “I want to work in the fitness industry and help people. If you could go back to when you were 19, what would you do over?” It was a good question; and I felt honored that he trusted me, a college dropout, to answer it. Now, … read more

The easiest thing to do.

The easiest thing to do is to let your mind wander instead of being in the moment. To check email or Facebook or Instagram instead of creating something. To wait for your turn to talk instead of listening to what’s being said. To sleep in instead of starting your day. To get caught up in … read more

The best time to go to a bar if…

…you want to learn how to make a drink. 4PM on a Monday. Or whatever time the place opens. Go alone. Look at the menu and when the bartender comes over, let him know what you normally drink. Tell him like this: “Well, I like rye and bourbon, so I’d normally order an old fashioned. … read more

My Must List: What I Do Every Day

I’m writing this right now because I must. I don’t have to write it, though. There’s a difference between must and have to. No one is checking to see if I sit my ass in this chair for an hour. I don’t have a deadline. No one is really counting on me to do this. So … read more

I’m a Recovering Fitness Junkie

Why I only go to the gym once or twice per week and no longer care how much protein I eat.  And how that’s made me a better person. I have two small paragraphs on my About page that recently caused a stir when Dr. John Berardi shared it on Facebook. I was appreciative and … read more