Nate Green

Third-person bio:

Nate Green is an author, speaker, and a “marketing and ideas guy” for Precision Nutrition, which was selected as one of the world’s most innovative fitness companies by Fast Company magazine.

Nate writes about health and fitness, working remotely, relationships, minimalism, and self-awareness. 

Nate Green

Why is your website called The Nate Green Experience?

My good friend Jason Lengstorf actually came up with it back in 2006 when he built my first website for my personal training business.

He thought it was hilarious. I thought it was stupid.

But since I was a cocky 21-year-old kid (and because he bought the domain name), we decided to run with it. I even got business cards made that asked “Have you had the Nate Green Experience?” on the back of the card.

I passed them out to exactly zero potential clients and instead handed them out to random girls who I imagine threw them directly into the trash after I left.

Anyway, here we are nine years later and it’s still called

I figure since it’s lasted this long, I might as well keep it.

It says you’re an author. What have you written?

I’ve written three books.

  • Built for Show was released by Avery/Penguin publishing in 2008 when I was 23. You can still get it on Amazon and (probably) in the bargain-bin of most bookstores.
  • I self-published The Hero Handbook in 2012.
  • I wrote Bigger, Smaller, Bigger in 2013 and posted it online for free.

And I always have a new book or writing project in the works.

Is that it?

Nope. I also co-authored Experiments in Intermittent Fasting with Dr. John Berardi and Dr. Krista Scott Dixon.

I’ve written for a bunch of magazines, most of them fitness-related and have been quoted in The LA Times and Men’s Health. Also, my essay on extreme weight cutting was the most popular post on Tim Ferriss’s blog, which I think is kinda neat.


What’s Precision Nutrition? And what the hell is an “ideas guy”?


Precision Nutrition is the largest nutrition coaching company in the world. Every year we accept thousands of people into our year-long program and help them eat, move, and live better through habit-based nutrition and exercise coaching.

Also, we’re a remote-based company.  That means every team member lives and works from wherever they want. In early 2015, Fast Company picked Precision Nutrition as one of the Most Innovative Companies in the fitness industry.

As far as “ideas guy”, I just made that title up. Most of my work is behind-the-scenes stuff like content creation, product development, and marketing strategy.

Previous experience:

* Assistant editor at
* Personal trainer / fitness studio owner
* Dishwasher

5 ideas to make your life better

I hate when people give advice on subjects they don’t have any experience with. It’s fake and it’s wrong.  That’s why I only ever write about stuff I’ve 1) tested and tried or 2) am currently learning.

If you’d like to learn the most valuable ideas that have made my life better over the past few years, check this out: 5 ideas to make your life better.

How can I contact you?

Two ways.

The first is to hit “reply” on any email you receive from me. It goes straight to my inbox and I read everything I get. You can get on my email newsletter here.

The second is to follow me on Twitter.

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