I’m an author, ideas guy, and a recovering fitness junkie.

I’ll tell you what all that means in a minute, but first, the question everybody asks:

“Why is your website called The Nate Green Experience?”

My good friend Jason Lengstorf actually came up with it back in 2006 when he built my first website for my personal training business.

He thought it was hilarious. I thought it was stupid.

But since I was a cocky 21-year-old kid (and because he bought the domain name), we decided to run with it. I even got business cards made that asked “Have you had the Nate Green Experience?” on the back of the card.

I passed them out to exactly zero potential clients and instead handed them out to random girls who I imagine threw them directly into the trash after I left.

Anyway, here we are nine years later and it’s still called thenategreenexperience.com.

I figure since it’s lasted this long, I might as well keep it.

Nate Green

My (embarrassing) 2006 website.


I’ve written three books.

  • Built for Show was released by Avery/Penguin publishing in 2008 when I was 23. You can still get it on Amazon and (probably) in the bargain-bin of most bookstores.

23 years old, arms crossed, and helmet-haired.

Other book-related things

I co-authored Experiments in Intermittent Fasting with Dr. John Berardi and Dr. Krista Scott Dixon in 2012, and helped Tim Ferriss with research for his books, The 4-Hour Body and the The 4-Hour Chef.

I’ve also written for a bunch of magazines, most of them fitness-related and have been quoted in The LA Times and Men’s Health.

Marketing and Ideas Guy for Precision Nutrition


Precision Nutrition

Most of what I do every day is “behind-the-scenes” stuff like content creation, product development, and marketing strategy.

In other words, I help create the products/services you see on Precision Nutrition and help write the words on our website and in our articles and emails.

Recovering Fitness Junkie

I used to work out 5x per week, balance my ratios of protein, carbs, and fats, and considered myself a connoisseur of nutritional supplements.

Now I exercise a couple times per week and care more about sharing good food with the people I love. I also try to get a good night’s sleep, drink water, meditate, and leave my phone at home most days.

(For more on what I mean about being a recovering fitness junkie, read this post.)


* Assistant editor at T-Nation.com
* Personal trainer / fitness studio owner
* Dishwasher

2 Random Photos:

Nate Green

This is when we surprised one of our clients at Precision Nutrition with a whole day of fun stuff and $10,000. That’s me on the far right.

Nate Green

Me and my girlfriend, Richelle.